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….there seems to be a theme on my dash, all in defense of Ubi’s statement on why they didn’t allocate the time, money, effort into a female protagonist.

Mostly, my reaction to how Ubi decided on the direction of Assassin’s Creed is one of disappointment. I wanted to see something new, something that would break out of the mold and rekindle my interest in the series. But it seems like we are getting some more of the same.

The Phandom Blade looks like it’ll be a mashup of the Hidden Gun and the Dart Gun (Blow Gun….? I forget the actual term now) - it looks like it has a longer range than the dart/blow gun with more lethal and stealthy hits (the hidden gun wasn’t exactly discreet), but possible that it is also our way to deliver poison/sleep darts. And customizing your outfit isn’t a new, though I never thought it was never executed well.

I don’t expect Ubi to change anything this late in the AC:U’s development. That is crazy - making games is hard, frustrating, and challenging work. I have nothing but respect for the grunts of game design who go in and do their best to make an awesome looking game with the constraints they’re working under. They’re not the ones I’m mad and disappointed at. I’m irritated at the people at the top who made the decision waaaay at the beginning to have all their workers attention/development first on a standard male lead (and friends), with the potential female lead as a bonus if they have time after finishing up the male character.

And the spiel that we’re being given that it’s too hard to animate women, that they’d have to make everything from scratch because it’s a woman, is the same shit excuse that people are getting mad at Disney for. (“They all look the same because making individual women iz haaard! / Making unique personalities for female leads iz haaard!”)

Ubi has made several female characters that they could build from. Most were designed for multiplayer, and one for her very own game! (Huh, imagine that…) Ubi has the walk cycles, the attack animations, the experience to do this!

I’ve been losing interest in this series, ever since I first suspected where the games were leading up to in AC3 (I was sad when I was proven right, but that’s a whole ‘nother can o’ worms, and I’m not getting into it here!) And with the direction that Ubi is going in for AC, I doubt I’m gonna put any more money into it.





goddamn it facebook I’m too homestuck for this

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again, too homestuck for that.

scary how I managed to read it.

Leet speak has been around a lot longer than Homestuck (est. 1980?), so the elitism at being able to read it is getting a bit old.  (Actually, this kind of elitism was annoying back with the original leet speakers, too.  ”1 1z 1337 |-|4xx0r!  P|-|34R |\/|3!”  …yeah.  And that isn’t even “hard leet.”)

"You can only read this if you read Homestuck!  *fandom high five*" / "If you don’t read Homestuck and can read it, feel proud!  *hands special star*"

You can read it.  Cool.  You have a different type of leet speak.  Awesome.  What riles me up is that this type of “speaking” isn’t something new, but is treated like it is something that Hussie came up with.  And “Homestuck speak” isn’t something exceptionally hard to read once you figure out the substitutions.  (And Homestuck speak doesn’t even come close to the “hardcore” leet.  That shit gives me a headache.)

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Shopping Adventures w/ Stupidly Tall Kyuohki

Credit goes to Tatsuya Ishida of Sinfest.  Comic is ID #113, posted on 05-17-2000

Buying clothing is always a trial for me, and is the main reason I don’t like shopping. 

And explains why most of my clothes are more “masculine,” even if I don’t identify that way (which explains my “omg i haz boobies” post a couple days ago.  Rare that I have a girly blouse on.)

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Rant ahead…

Credit goes to Tatsuya Ishida of Sinfest.  Comic is ID #113, posted on 05-17-2000.

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In response to the criticism of the criticism:

It’s not so much that we’re angry/disappointed in the fact that Maroney got silver versus gold.  We would have been proud of her if she’d ended up with bronze or nothing at all.  She tried her hardest and it just didn’t happen.  No one is guaranteed a medal in these competitions, despite what NBC was spouting during the prime time replay.  She is an amazing athlete in terms of skill, and I’d hope that we all respect her in that regard.

What we’re disappointed in is how she conducted herself when the results were posted.  We expect a certain amount of graciousness, decorum, and good sportsmanship out of our athletes, no matter what the outcome.  So when we see one of our athletes, especially from one who is an extremely good athlete skill-wise, blatantly pout and sulk from the moment of the results we have every right to be disappointed.

I can understand her being upset with herself.  But even being mad at herself and the situation that panned out, she could/should still congratulate the gold and bronze medalists.  At least a handshake if she didn’t want to give them hugs (I personally found the hug and attempted hug awkward, but she could’ve just offered a hand to shake if she didn’t want to hug Izbasa or Paseka.)

I don’t agree with some of the comments calling her a “bitch,” as that’s taking things too far.  We don’t know her personally and are basing our reactions only on what we’ve seen on TV or from the stands in London.  Please don’t lower our level with that kind of name calling.  We need to hold ourselves to the same standards as we do our athletes.

On Fan-casting…

Sinfest (5-17-2000) - Yes, I’m poking fun at myself for ranting about this.

I’m getting kinda tired of seeing so many people fan-cast Francisco Randez as Desmond.  While he was used as a model base for Desmond’s character, there is nothing to support any kind of acting career.

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NBC’s reaction to viewers’ complaints on coverage


Okay, this might have already been posted somewhere here on Tumblr, but I need to address this (and I attempted to make a response twice on the actual site, and it hasn’t posted.  >n<  So my post is going here.)

Watch every event live on
Posted by Mike Florio on July 29, 2012, 8:26 AM EDT

Forget the opening ceremonies.  The Olympics officially have begun only when folks who know squat about the television business start pissing and/or moaning about the fact that many key events are shown via tape delay in prime time.

They rail about the fact that it’s a new world, unconstrained by the normal viewing windows.

Meanwhile, these tech-savvy complainers don’t realize that every event is being streamed live at

That’s right.  Every event.

So instead of logging on to Twitter to piss and/or moan, why not log on to and watch the events live?

After all, it’s a new world, unconstrained by the normal viewing windows.


No.  This is not okay.  This is not how you react to complaints against the coverage of the Olympics.  I honestly don’t know what Florio’s position is in NBC’s company, but he seriously needs to take some classes in how to properly post a reaction to complaints (or if he even has a position with the company.  For all I know, he’s just a blogger NBC allows to post to the site.)  But calling NBC’s viewer complaints “pissy” isn’t right (even if in some cases that description fits.)

And his comment to log on to  Yeah, that doesn’t quite work. 

Sure, you can stream full replays of the events and specific matches for free through YouTube…provided they happened the day before yesterday.  And for some events you don’t get even that.  If you want to see the what happened the day before yesterday/yesterday/today, you have to stream through your cable/satellite provider.  And if you aren’t paying for specific packages through said provider, I guess you’re just shit outta luck (note that we have Comcast, and we only have basic cable - no Xfinity or whatever the hell they want us to subscribe to.  I can’t say exactly what the other providers are doing…maybe Comcast is just being a whiny bitch about us not paying for their extended services - I don’t know.)

Also, some events don’t show that they’re recorded, and you have to go through a few pages to even find the “Full Replay” links.  There are also events that don’t have any video recording listed, and clicking on the specific event details pulls up nothing.  So either they weren’t recorded, or haven’t been uploaded yet (maybe they’re transferring the cable provider streaming into YouTube versions?  Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt here.)

It is worth noting that the highlights are streamed through YouTube, no matter what the day is…but there aren’t many listed, and they only showcase a very, very tiny portion of what can be extremely long events.

I can maybe understand not streaming today’s events for free, that I think is reasonable.  But I don’t think it’s fair to the viewers who don’t have those extended services to be forced to wait to watch the videos for the previous days, or be forced to upgrade their services in order to stream them.

I did go through every singe sport on the site, sampling from each of the daily listings of full replays from the “Results and Schedules” (mainly on the first and last “broadcast” times from each day - if there was a long list for the day, I would sample a couple from the middle of the list.)  If there was a “Highlight” piece listed, I would check it to see if it would stream.

If there wasn’t a piece listed immediately on the page, I would click on the event in question to see if I could find any video buried in the site (and those seemed to also follow what I mentioned up top, with a few variances here and there.)  There were a few broken links to the “Full Replay” videos, but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt on those and chalk it up to server and link errors.

Thankfully, we don’t really have much interest in the Summer Olympics, but since the service that we used during the last Winter Olympics is no longer provided by Comcast (we used Universal Sports, and it covered quite a few events the normal NBC channel didn’t), we’re going to have to figure something else out.

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Interior Design:

And the problems I have with contemporary/modern design.

It looks too cold and too much like those overly rich, magazine cover images.  Those ones where clearly the owner hires someone to come in and clean, and all the stuff is some kind of rare wood/fiber/cloth from some place in the middle of nowhere.  Even the rooms with warm tones and “older” furniture sometimes feel too stark (sometimes they take the idea of color schemes too far.  “We want warm tones, so everything is practically the same damn shade of tan.”)  The rooms aren’t inviting me to go in and stay a while.

I need a place to live in, to visit with.  Not a place that might as well be in a museum or a hotel. 

A place with warm furniture, all mismatched, and pillows all over the fucking place (and clearly used, as they’d be smashed, folded, sat on, etc.)  Rooms filled to the brim with furniture and clutter, but still somehow organized.  Paint/fabric colors more than just white, black, and the primaries.

I think I figured it out

I made this massive rant a day or so ago, in reaction to fellow employees complaining that I was being “too strict” at work.  (x)

And I’ve been thinking about it and and have come to the conclusion that their complaints aren’t about shrink or safety (as those are clearly defined in our Standard Operation Procedures.  And any arguments they could make, I can easily reference them to said SOP and be backed not only by our store management, but the whole Best Buy Corporate system.) 

Some of them might stem from these, but I think I figured out who might have been complaining and why (it’s not for any of the reasons I listed in that long ass rant.)

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that one person who adds a comment to every single post they reblog

Kay, I’ve seen this going around for a while now on my dash and it’s really starting to irritate me.

Does it really matter what they do on their own blog?  Is the comment hurting you in some way?  Is it that hard to scroll past if you don’t want to read what they’ve decided to add?

It’s one thing if somebody deletes previous comments when they add their own (like deleting the OP’s comment or deleting a source), but I don’t really see the harm if they’re just adding in their own two cents.  And if it’s just to add in a “OMG/That’s so kawaii/cute/alksdjflakjsdf;lkadjfal;skdfj,” I doubt think it’s going to add much to the length of your dash and is easily skipped over (unless someone was an ass and keyboard smashed for a paragraph.  I’d find that irritating, but so far I haven’t seen this yet.)

And don’t get me started on the people who bitch about others deleting commentary tags (hint:  they might not have the same reaction as you, even if you both liked the original post.)

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